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Whether you’re looking to hire new staff or find a new job, Meticulous Facility Management can help. Our recruiters match the right candidates to the right roles, and we are committed to delivering an efficient, customised service that works for all our clients in Chandigarh. Our experience means we have an eye for connecting talent to businesses throughout the area. Covering a range of appointments including permanent, part-time and temporary, contact us on +918288819482 to see how we can assist.

Customer Reviews

As a recruitment agency, we have been able to build a sterling reputation for ourselves in the area, in no small part due to the good reviews we have received from both client companies as well as the applicants that have passed through our recruitment processes. Through their feedback, we feel confident in attesting to the fact that our fairness and emphasis on merit allows us to pair the right position to the right people, every time.

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Punjab, Chandigarh, Harayan, Delhi, UP

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